Erase Threat Perception


The Humanize My Hoodie Movement is a product of emergent strategy. Jason made the Facebook post and included the hashtag #humanizemyhoodie. Within hours, Andre and Jason jumped on a phone call and within two weeks, the Humanize My Hoodie was launched. In this three-hour session, participants will learn the following:

  • How to Move from Thought to Action

  • Understanding the Stages of Change to Set Goals

  • Responding the High-Risk Behaviors without Abandoning Your Plan

  • Thinking beyond the limitations of our socialization - beyond competition, beyond binaries, beyond linear, short-term outcomes.

“Emergent Strategy asks of us to think about spirituality and transformative justice central to the resilient future we are imagining together. This asks of us to really show up, for ourselves and one another, leaning into conflict across horizontal hostility and vicious critique.” ~ Adrienne Maree Brown   

Continuing Education Credits: 3.0 - Cost: $89.00