Erase Threat Perception


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Learn how to start a brand from scratch as co-founder Andre’ Wright teaches you all the secrets to starting and maintaining a brand. In addition to learning how to create a brand you will learn  screen printing techniques  that will empower you economically. Andre’ has more than 15+ years experience creating brands and working in the fashion industry, and has produced more than 25 fashion shows including New York Fashion Week in 2017. Andre’ has single handedly brought a unique lens to fashion from the middle of the country. 

What you will get when you take this workshop

  • Team building exercise to build energy and unity
    between the participants.

  • Silk Screen printing techniques.  

  • Shirts will be provided to screen print.

  • What to do after you print the shirts.

Each pre-order participant is guaranteed to print their own shirt.

*Screen printing equipment is provide by Humanize My Hoodie.

The workshop is 2hrs training and good for team building, learning a new skill and creating your own movement.