Ally Script For Workshops

Pitch for Allies who have attended a workshop: What’s up _________________, I am reaching out to tell you about an important opportunity. On July 4th, Andre’ and Jason announced that there were workshops coming to ________________ and I thought of you. There are only 370 seats left among five cities. You would really benefit from sharing space with them. They are taking racial justice to another level! Here’s the link to learn more or register:

**** Special Offer ****

Sign up four registrants for any workshop and you will receive an autographed piece of art (value: $500). Simply email us with the people you’ve and you’ll have your framed piece of artwork within 3-5 business days. 

We look forward to growing our base to 500! Once we have our base set, we will start developing curricula and pairing allies to train nationally in Year 4 (September 2020)!!

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